Online Teaching Sample

As a teacher-scholar navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 era, I am continually seeking to leverage the unique strengths of online teaching. Last fall, I taught an online-only (asynchronous) version of The Politics of Gender and Sexuality. Drawing from both Achen and Bartels’ Democracy for Realists and Jane Mansbridge’s Why We Lost the ERA, I suggested that legal remedies might not always offer marginalized groups the best way to have their voices heard — asking whether institutions are “democratic” if institutions offer only incomplete protection.

Here’s a sample, pre-recorded lecture from my class. I’ve recently started using TimeBolt to cut down on “dead air”; it’s a lifesaver, and I’m definitely purchasing a license ASAP. And while I’d prefer students see both me and my slides, I’ve found that students with more precarious Internet connections have an easier time downloading slides-only lectures. Message me with your own thoughts about online instruction! — I would enjoy comparing notes.

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